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Fishing Report for March 23, 2010

Open water.Sure sounds good to me!

Folks are really getting antsy to wet a line on their favourite lake.

Six Mile and Morgan have been out for a bit and fishing O.K. according to my sources.

Jacko is apparently out, but the gate was still locked as of Saturday.

Stump should be open in the next few days. My wife and I went for a drive to have a look and the ice
melted back a good 8 inches while we there.
Yes we stood there and watched.

Mike from Salmon Lake Resort has told me most of the Douglas Ranch lakes are open as well.

It will not be long for most of the lower lakes now.

Nicola Lake is already fishing with bobber and worm.

The higher elevation lakes are still in old man winters grip though.

Mamette is still producing 2 pounders through the ice.

Word is cured shrimp are the ticket.

There are still ice fishers up on Marquart as well.

Time to get fresh line on the reel and check those leaders.

Fishing season is almost here!

Tight Lines
Fred Watts
Nicola Valley Outdoors ( Formerly The Powderkeg Outdoor Supply Ltd. )
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