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Nicola Valley Report

Fishing Report for April 27th 2010

It must be Tuesday if I am writing the report again.

Thanks to my man on the lakes, Ed, we have a pretty good idea what is going on.

Upper Kane is off, fishing slow, but with a large fish coming out trolling a bugger type pattern.
That is as close as I could get to the exact pattern.
Kane should be done by tomorrow.

As of Monday, Harmon was about 80% slush, so probably by the weekend she should be good to go.
Lundbom is off and there has been a few coming out according to the sketchy reports we have been getting.

Horseshoe is all open water.

Englishman is another we can put the boats in now as well.
Dry, Mizzoula and Bluey are all open as well.

Roche is fishing fair to middlin.
I know because I actually went fishing on Sunday with my good friend, Greg, from Kamloops.
We started out fishing chironis fairly deep as the sounder was showing fish. After an hour and several fly changes, with only two smallish fish, for Greg, we moved.
The fish seemed to be in 3-5 feet of water.
First cast with a black and blue micro leech under an indicator and Greg was on, and off!
I put on an olive/brown damsel and hooked a beauty first cast. Of course it ran into the reeds and broke me off.
Greg did land a fine fat 21” rainbow, and I had a nice 17” in the boat for dinner. The big one did get away as Greg, again, broke off a piggy that would have went 7 or 8 pounds.
The season is almost upon us folks.

Here we go……

PS the big fish were on a black/red micro leech

Tight Lines
Fred Watts
Nicola Valley Outdoors
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