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Hi everyone,

Happy Holidays. I'm up in Sointula for a visit, and I want to go fishing in the Nimpkish. I've never fished it before, so any advice will help. I have my spey rod with me, and I'm wading -- no boat. I stopped at a couple of pull-outs along the highway, and the water looked really good, both for wading and casting. Are these places people fish? Is it still early for the winter run? Thanks.
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Hi Ambler, beautiful country up there. It is a bit early for the winters but you'll never know if those spots along the highway hold a fish or two. There's also cutties there to be had. Go for it and let us know how you do!
I think I'll fish the Nimpkish a little later in my holiday. Tomorrow I'm going to go check out the Quatse. Should I head to the camp site? Thanks.
I just got home lastnight from fishing the Nimpkish the Quatse and the Cluxewe this past week I to had my spey rod in hand with me, I was with a guide friend from the area and we hit the rivers pretty hard and fished allot of different spots

I hit one fish on the Quatse and nothing on the other 2 rivers, A few guys out on the Quatse but its pretty quiet right now

Good luck out there

PM me if you need some directions to some pretty discreat areas on the Nimp.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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