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Spent a week in Nootka Sound, returned last weekend. Was our first visit and the area is spectacular, I guess thats why we live in BC! Stayed at Moucha Bay Resort in the campsite, only thing good about it was the web site. They advertise freezer service and the fish were totally thawed and starting to smell bad. We bought ice at Critter Cove and brought it back to put on the fish in our coolers. People were pulling out and leaving early so their fish wouldn't spoil. Oh ya, the ice machine at Moucha didn't work either and they wouldn't leave the generator running to get the freezers cooled off......anyway, you get the picture!

Have 18 foot boat so we were able to fish on the outside only for 2 days as weather permitted, got a nice 27 pound spring just off the lighthouse. Some nice fish in the low 20's range as well on the inside at Hisnet, did I spell that right?! Great place and will plan a return trip, we had to work for our fish but it was well worth it! Tight lines.
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