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sorry for not reporting lately guys. comp problems. been out a few times lately to bell, cap and not much to report other than about a dozen fish sticks and one small rock cod over by fisheries. went out yesterday solo and after trolling bell for an hour or so and being followed by a dang seal decided to pack up and head south to t 10. never quit made it as i saw a real tight tide line off the north arm and as i slowly trolled along it i began marking lots of fish. chuked rods down again and about 15 mins in got a nice fish on. after a good run and some strong head shakes it came peeling back towards boat and damn its gone. :wallbash:. kept trolling the area and had only 1 other good hit and got about 5 or 6 shakers. beuty day on water dead calm and sun blazing. will be out again soon and will report always. And pippen we gotta shake that o for 2 average and get it to .333. let me no when your free.
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