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That last thread got a little soft, so while I have a minute here, I'll re-up what happened in this manic last week of fishing.
We stayed at the Delta Airport Hotel in Vancouver last Monday the 11th, and then again sat/sun 16 and 17,and met lots of guys going to and coming back from the QC, Hakai and Rivers Inlet areas.

Everybody was packing 2 or 3 boxes of filets home. We saw limits across the board, and similar weather in all areas up there.
Cloudy, drizzly, not a lot of sun.

I was amazed that all those areas really had a lot of bait in the water, and yet how such a small percentage of the anglers were using bait.

Spoons killed, almost any color. I ordered some Carlson's Spoons from JR's Tackle in the states, and their purple and black job did as much damage as a white and pink one.

Flashers with hoochies ...in any number of color combos were the top producer, and I pulled up coho and spring on large Tomic plugs, and got my largest coho on a bright yellow/clear Apex.

I ran a red board with a green speckled hoochie and got fish.
After lunch, green board with white hoochie..didn't seem to matter.

The reason we kept switching up our gear, is that on the radio chatter, everyone had a nice fish on a different favorite, so being, ya know...fishermen, we had to keep up with the Joneses.

I'm starting to believe that if the fish are in, and you are in the thick of them, that perhaps color might not matter so much as action.

The fish didn't give a crap, they just kept attacking. I boated my fish and scrambled for the net to get Chris's fish in, and while my hoochie was dangling over the gunwale, coho were jumping up to try and get it. It was wild.

Maybe I'm wrong, but we we had 8 or 10 boats in the area, and at any time, one or more had bent rods and nets down.
And we were catching them on everything in the box.

Our 4" Carlson and Jensen spoons were as effective as the large 6" Tomic spoons.

Double headers on a spoon left and plug right.
Nothing made any sense, other than we got to practice our catch-and-release techniques a LOT.

We saw probably 100 fishermen other than the 28 in our trip, and their reports were like this above.
A great week, hopefully it carries into August.

We were lucky as can be. Left forearm is cramped into a twisted knot from holding the rod up nice and high,
palm of right hand blistered from the Islander reel screaming over it for 5 days.

Will get a photo wall going as soon as I get past the catch-up at work.


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We did use the 6" Tomic tubby as a flasher. Showed it to a dock guy on the first morning and he immediately dragged it over the side. Loved it. 4 hrs later guide Logie radioed that his guest got a nice spring on it.
But that wasn't hard to imagine because Ray Charles could have selected the lure and it was gonna work that day.Still a bitchin' rig tho.

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Pics are coming, Sir. I fly stand-by, and we got hosed coming home Sunday, so I missed Monday and have an avalanche of crap piled up.
And by the time I get home, the 10 days of debauchery have still not been cleansed from the system.
I have been rehydrating, stumbling through work in a daze and sleeping since I returned.

I'll never drink again. :)

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Delayed, but still a great trip.
Any of us lucky enough to get a gang together to fish
and have a blast for a week can appreciate an outing like this.

The Aussies were in for 3 days before and 4 days after. We likely wouldn't have survived that
had we tried to keep up.
And make no mistake...we can do plenty of damage ourselves.
Note the shots lined up in the foreground on the bar.
That never stopped. I don't know how they do it......

They are already prepared, as shown in this photo. The Aussies are sitting, the Yanks standing.
Easier to fall on yer arse from a standing start!!

Dear liver, R.I.P. Bar Restaurant Drink Brunch Tavern

The bar at Sutton Place Hotel. The 4 Aussies were not about to go fishing for 5 days without getting a taste of the town.
Boy..DID they. Hot tip....never try to hang with Aussies shot-for-shot. It doesn't work.

I/we owe a huge debt of thanks to 3 members of this forum...BCI, Pippen and damnfish.

These guys took care of us during our Vancouver stay. Pip got hotel reservations for Chris and me
-our arrival time was not secure as we flew stand-by- and weren't sure exactly when we'd hit town.

BCI got impossible reservations for us at an exceptional
restaurant..Joe Fortas Rooftop- and our trip started on the right foot.

Pip and dfish then joined us Sunday for a fantastic cruise aboard BCI's beautiful boat,
and we headed over to Gabriola Island.
It was a sunny day, we had lunch and beers aboard, and while we did fish, it was more about
11 guys getting to know each other and talkin' story.

We are better off for their hospitality and friendship.

dfish has more good fish and fishing adventures/stories than we had time to enjoy.
I can't wait to see them all again.

Thanks to all 3 of you...you made us feel welcome, and the trip could not have started off better.
Cheers boys.:cheers:

Table Outdoor table Umbrella Vacation Leisure

Pre-pre flight preparations being tended to at the
bar at the Airport Hotel. I see a pattern developing.......

Event Community Lunch Team Tourism

Pre-flight preparations being tended to at the "Flying Beaver" bar.
That, of course, is Bloody Mary's for breakfast and beers to work 'em through.

Fish Fish Fishing Salmon Recreation

My buddy Chris with his first ever salt water catch, a nice keeper here.
He fishes the rivers and streams of the Rockies, but this was an entirely
different game. He fit right in and limited out.
His responsible catch-and-release touch will send a lot of fish on to continue their lives.

Boardwalk Bridge Walkway Deck Vehicle

Aussie Mick with his first ever salmon.
One happy guy, and there were more to come.
He never stopped smiling. Nobody did.
If you want to find some good for your soul,
get a bunch of pals together and go salmon fishing for a week.

As for the Aussies, I was worried, as they aren't really fishermen, that the whole
fishing operation might overwhelm them.

Downriggers, correct depth, correct bait, netting...all the things a more experienced angler
does as second nature. So they all took the first afternoon with guides to get the feel.
It wasn't a lot of time, so I hoped they would learn, as the rest of the trip would be self-guided,
2 men per boat.
Well....They did just fine, thank you.
They kicked our arses!! Most, biggest, name the category,
and they ran the table. And good on 'em!

Fish Fish Recreation Fishing Salmon

So much for worrying. Dad Mike and son Matt were just standing in their boat,
waving a flasher in the air, and nice fish were just jumping into their boat...or so it seemed.
They were bummed here because they didn't get their 8.

A tip o' the cap here also. Matty has only caught small trout,
Mike has never fished, and can't even swim, forhellssakes,
and they immediately hooked into a double header, and played,
boated and bonked 'em both.
Well done, even for an experienced duo.

Fish Fishing Fish Salmon Outdoor recreation

Finally I get on the board with this nice Coho of 15 lbs.
He ran under the motor a few times---I HATE that---
but guide "Mack Attack" (Mackenzie Keay) got it straightened out and did a nice net job on
this problematic pescado.

Fish Recreation Fish

Aussie Dave was dragging a small cod around, didn't know it,
when this ling grabbed on and hitchhiked in.
Lucky to get him in, as he really didn't want anything to do with us,
and thrashed around a lot.
I had accidentally kicked the gaff towards the bow, so I had to net him,
always an adventure, but managed to boat it. He spit the small cod right when I
grabbed him.
Actually REALLY lucky. The net was more tangled all around him rather than him
being safely in it.
35 lbs worth here.

Fish Fish Salmon Fishing Recreation

Another keeper here, 24 lbs. What was amazing is that everything in the box worked.

Plugs, Apex, hoochies behind break-away flashers, spoons, that cool/goofy set up
with a 6" Tomic Tubbie being used as a flasher with a spoon 24" back....it ALL worked.

All colors, patterns. We got into a hot bite...July 12-16, and as I recall, fish were
all over the place..Ukee, Tofino, Nootka, Hakai, Pt Hardy, the Haida Gwaii...
it's been a great year all over beautiful B.C.
and we got into an exceptional streak that week.

Fish Fishing Fish Salmon Recreation

Matty here with the pot winner...37 lbs which his dad Mike caught.
Mike was wiped out after an entire day of reeling in fish,
and this was the last one of the day, and he said he "couldn't
hold his pecker to pee", so Matty did the honors.
Funny, but Mikey had no problem hoisting a few large coldies...
but so what. To see these rookies fishing like pros made my trip.

But....really BALLSY of Mike, if you ask me....First day salmon fishing???,..C'MON!!!
and he goes all "Tyee" on us. Farkin' showoff!

See if THEY get invited back!

Fish Fish Herring Salmon Milkfish

My size 13 shoe next to a 24 lber for some scale.
Helluva fish for salt water rookie Chris.
Played 'em by the book, let 'em run.

A side note....rookies or not, nobody, for the whole 5 days, lost a fish at the boat.

All of the fish were played exactly right "float 'em before you boat 'em".
That was cool. And everyone got to be the net man, which for a rookie (and vet alike) is as exciting as
anything can be.

Social group Team Tourism Recreation Crew

So 5 days, 5 kegs, 8 bottles of whiskey, 2 of Grey Goose,
several exceptional meals, too many laughs to count, and
millions of memories later, we are forced to pack up and leave.

28 anglers took home 2222 lbs of prime filets.
Everybody had a blast..rookies, old timers, tweeners.

There were tons more pics, many more stories and lots of
great jokes. But while we never saw the sun, we caught fish
for days, ate like kings, drank like poets on payday and had one of those
trips that will live on for ever.

May all of you get a chance to fish with buddies and make new friends.
Nothing like it, as we all have hopefully found.

Best trip ever.

And like Arnold..."We'll be back".

Next August 7-11 and ALL are welcome and invited to join us.

Please consider a trip to this beautiful fjord, great lodge, great people,
the best of everything. It would be great to meet more of you,
and we hope you can come along next go.

PM me for trip details.

Cheers to all.

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Nice pics Mike......nice to meet you guys; looks like a great trip. That patio out at the Flying Beaver is a great spot to recover from a "night before"....have done it a number of times. :cheers:

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Nice pics Mike......nice to meet you guys; looks like a great trip. That patio out at the Flying Beaver is a great spot to recover from a "night before"....have done it a number of times. :cheers:
The trip before ours, some guy from St. Johns got there 2 hours early.
So what does he do? He starts pounding beers.

It's a 90 min flight to the lodge. Do the math.

Once up in the air, the poor bastard was screaming, so recounts the pilot.

So they had to set down at Powell River for this guy to offload the used beer.
What a pud. Ticked everybody off.

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Next trip, whichever you pick, just hope you don't somehow end up with Aussie Mick "Hands of Stone" Baker on yer net.He never lost one, to his credit, but he beat the crap out of a few with his lunging, aggressive attack.A wonder we got em all into the tub, many we didn't have to bonk.

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Next trip, whichever you pick, just hope you don't somehow end up with Aussie Mick "Hands of Stone" Baker on yer net.He never lost one, to his credit, but he beat the crap out of a few with his lunging, aggressive attack.A wonder we got em all into the tub, many we didn't have to bonk.
LMAO!! If Mick's returning in 2012, I'm sure he's in order for a special T-shirt. ;)
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