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I had a nice boat to sail but not anymore.
However, if bars up river are good for springs why not the water off the north jetty? Sure the beer, weed, and tits may drag you away but has any one fished there? Is it illegal to fish close to it?
I've seen map of the Columbia fishery and there are spot right at the mouth, however, ours is not as toubled by bad water as theirs. The deep water seems to be as good as any bar cause fish pass by it... what makes a bar good?
Could it be a spot ot back troll?
I don't know. I's been just out of my reach or never have I brought a rod with me on the way to a concert at Thunder Bird statium.
have fun, Jason :cheers:

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Migrating fish take traditional routes and generally for a good reason... The number one rule in life
is survival of the species.With this information engrained in thier DNA and probably a little of what
they remember as a kid.. :D Two things to consider for a good bar,they offer access for the fisherman
but as far as from the fish perspective goes relief from the raging waters...
....It would appear the short inside or the long sweeping outside of a bend would be good. Migrating fish
are going for the lane of least resistance with the best possible protection. They wouldn't want to be caught
on the long inside with shallow water because they would generally be too far from the main flow...
Close tabs on the "rip",the line between the fast and slow waters is just about always a good bet... ;)

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