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Hey guys!

I’ve been on here many years ago just before doing a big trip around the world. I used to live in London at the time and eventually made my way over Canada which is where I experienced some of the greatest adventures of my life. During that trip I joined a company to canoe down the Nahanni River, caught my very first ever salmon on a fly rod in Terrace and Kittimat, did a 16 day solo canoeing trip along the Churchill River, a road trip along both the west and east coasts and ended living on a floating fishing lodge in Northern BC for 3 months. During that time I came to love Canada – not just for the raw unspoiled beauty of the country but also the friendly locals. By chance, I met my current girlfriend while traveling and we are now settled here in Vancouver.

I have not fished here for a long time which is mostly due to cost of living and having to find work. This year however I would love to get out more. I would appreciate any info on spots and would also be on the lookout for a fishing buddy (I have a vehicle and can drive to various spots). Whether it is down-rigging for salmon, fly fishing on lakes or rivers or spin casting from the shore, I’d be interested! Having spoken to another fisherman recently, I was told a good option for fishing the BC rivers, would be to invest in a switch rod. I will make sure to start a new post regarding that in an appropriate section.
Thanks for taking the time to read my post and hope to hear from you soon!:cheers:
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