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november on dragon lake

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Since November 9th, (the new moon ) Fishing has been awesome here on Dragon Lake , this last week has been crazy with catching trout 22 to 26 inches almost every cast ! They really have the feed bag on!! A large black leech , (3 to 4 inches ) on a intermediate sink line stripped very slow, half inch at a time , and from 3 ft. to 20 ft. deep, is working very well. While I am on the lake , I notice that I am the only boat out there, anglers are missing some of the best fishing of the season, do not put the gear away to early. The weather has been pretty good except last monday when it white capped all day. Looking at the forecast , it looks like the lake will start to freeze this coming week , so ends another great season on Dragon.
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Good for you man. I love it when this happens. Tons of fish and you are the only one around. I have never been to the dragon but will make it up there one day.

I was out last monday during the wind storm, what a mistake. Even at the south end I was having no luck getting the boat to anchor up. I ended up hooking into about a dozen fish before calling it a day. I have never seen it get that nasty on Dragon in all the years I've fished it, so the early quit ment more time spent in the Sharks club afterwards :beerchug:. Still had a great day on and off the water, I am hoping the ice holds off for at least another week I would like to get out just one more time.
Great report guys! Have fun out there on those few remaining days. I look forward to visiting once again next year.

Finder ;)
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