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I think Willie has to go, he has been badly out coached so many times it's pathetic (worst was last years calgary playoff series). just when mccann and vrbata are creating lots of chances and building some chemistry they bring up kenins, which is fine, but wtf is willie doing sticking him on the 2nd line and moving mccann to the 4th. it's almost impossible to watch a whole canucks game these days. everyone knows they are trying to set vrbata up for the shot and the only ones he's getting are from ridiculous angles after a pass from the slot where the shot should have been taken. how long can willie keep this crap up. hopefully vrbata is gone at the end of the season (cant see them resigning him, he cant even hit the net this year, not even close far too many times) and maybe sign lucic. hopefully willie is gone much much sooner.
101 - 101 of 101 Posts
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