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NVO Report

Nicola Valley Outdoors Fishing Report for June 29th 2010

Caddis. Oh boy can that be fun! I have heard reports that there are a few popping here and there and the fish are starting to look for them. Pupae are the way to go for most part right now. In the evenings the fish will probably start looking for them up on the shoals. During the day fish five feet and deeper. I prefer to use a slime line or a floater with a 12 to 14 foot leader. The retrieve should be a longish fairly quick retrieve generally. Wind drifting on a dry line is very effective as well. As for flies, green Doc Spratley are good as are the old standby Carey Specials or one of our custom ties. Don’t forget to have a few dries as well, you don’t want to miss out on that. Tom Thumbs, Tri-Wing Sedge and the California Blonde are all good choices for these.

The fishing seems to be steady most everywhere at the moment. We really haven’t had a lot of reports in the last few days so going by my personal experience on Sunday, if you persevere and figure out what is happening on your lake in your area, you can have good success.

For trolling, the Lucky Bug has been working from Lac lejeune to Hatheume .

It has been a little on the slow side for kokanee for most folks on Nicola lake, but a few guys are doing well. Must be the way they are holding their mouth while fishing I guess.

The higher lakes are coming on well now as well. Lots of damsels moving all over the place. A floating line with a hand twist retrieve is a great way to imitate these favourite morsels. Patterns with marabou and lots of moving bits to give the illusion of their sinusoidal movement are good. (Thanks BC, I always wanted to use that word)

Apparently a #12 black with burgundy micro leech under an indicator for suspended fish was deadly for a gent at an un named lake. I am letting everyone know this to remind everyone that the fish can and do pick a level and sit there. These fish were at 18 feet in 40 feet of water. Just something to think about.

Have some fun out there for the long weekend.

You might find me up at Walloper with my grand children dunking a few worms.

Tight lines

Fred Watts

Nicola Valley Outdoors

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