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Nicola Valley Outdoors Fishing Report for July 5, 2010

West Pothole. That is where my grandkids caught their first trout. Poppi is as pleased as punch. I am not sure who was more excited though, Addison and Austin or their moms! Dew worms and pink power bait were the ticket.

Peterhope fish were taking Black leeches trolled slow next to the weeds. There are some caddis popping as well.

The word is a 12 pound trout was taken at Alleyne Lake last week on a green nymph. That is as close as we could get to the pattern. The kokanee are averaging about a pound says the park operator at Alleyne.

The dragonflies will be emerging soon as well. I wouldn’t go anywhere without a handful.
Bluey has been fishing well with Dragons according to our source in the shop right now.

Nicola has been giving up smallish kokanee to the trollers as of late. Good ‘Ol Wedding bands, red leeches and Lucky Bugs seem to be doing the trick.

Stump was fishing well trolling with a willow leaf and flatfish for trout to 4 pounds last weekend says a trusted informant.

Tunkwa was a good place to be the last few days as well. The bombers are on my mind as of late. It won’t be long.

Lily had a few caddis on Thursday last week. Steve and I got a few to come up in the evening.

It looks like the good weather is getting the bugs and the fish in the mood to play. I say we join in for a little fun!

I think I will sneak out for a few hours after work tomorrow myself.

Tight lines
Fred Watts
Nicola Valley Outdoors

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