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OB help needed.....

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Need help in setting up carbs on a '99 Merc Ob three cylinder. Motor studders and lags out of the
hole. Hard to start hot or cold. I'm thinking the carbs need rebuild kit...??

Any hands on help would be greatly appreciated.

:beerchug: Marko
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when was she last serviced? Was she winterized (ie fuel stabilized or ran out)? sounds like she isn't getting fuel, possible mains plugged or hooped fuel pump. You can try cleaning out the carbs with some carb cleaner just make sure that no gaskets or seals go in the carb cleaner
Only had the OB for a couple of months now so I know little of it's history. What I do know is that
It's running like crap. :(
1st the fuel, then the electrical then the insides.................$$$$$$...................!!.............Ananlytical report reqd. then a trade is in order.
Hey Marko.............you got oars?...................I got the anchor.. ;).........Ortho 8)
The two most common problems are spark plugs and carburators. Try changing the spark plus first. Also crank the engine over with the spark plug just touching the block so you can see the spark. You should see a very bright sparks. Do this with every cylinder.

Remove the barrels for each of the carburator. It is held on the bottom by four bolts and see what is in the bottom of the reservoirs. If you find a lot of residue or a varnish smelling fuel, your carburator is probably dirty.

Of course make sure you try running the motor with fresh fuel first before you try any of the above.
I had the same problem on my old 90 Merc and turned out to the stater solenoid
Well update......after going over the fuel system ......looking for leaks....what do you know,found
another one. I had replaced the female end looking for a tighter fit and began to re-pressurize the
line when I heard a faint hissing. Looking for wet signs of a fuel leakage lead me to the bottom end
of the secondary filter. Two small zaps on an over sized hose can't be good.
Replaced the zapes with a steal hose clamp and now we have lift off...... :happy:
..........Nothing like sucking on a drink with a hole in the straw.
Now I can properly set the idler jets.
:beerchug: Marko
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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