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Off to merritt

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Any Lakes or rivers in or around the lower nicola ready to go? I am taking the family down there this weekend leaving tomorrow at noonish for work.

If no-one posts, I will post when I get back, what I happen to find.

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DO NOT GO TO CHATTAWAY!!!!!!!! and report on lakes

chattaway lakes lodge is basically a fly in lake, and the guy can't get his tractor with chains out......oh, and by the way......I only know this...cause I made it in......and out.....barely...there is still 3 feet of ice on the lake

K...the road, is a cliff on both sides, stream throught the middle of the road, under the ice mixed with mud, climbing from 2500 ft, to 5000ft in about 5 km, and was NOT FUN!!! I felt like the Griswolds.....

The Old guy up there recomends the end of may, the beginning of June for ice off.....

Lunbom or whatever it is there, on HWY 5, just south of merrit is producing some 2-4 lbs trout

lundbom is closed till may 1. check the regs before going to the merritt area lakes as lots don't open till may 1.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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