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ORCA takes a fish!!

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The least they could have done was thrown the Orcas the remainder of the fish.....

Probably did but they were so cheesed off from loosining the battle that the had taken it personally

when it was stickly business...... :D ......Marko
I think that they probably had a nice SASHIMI lunch on board. ;D
The deck hand was so calm, like he sees that happen every day. :eek:
I think that I would have pulled up the downriggers pretty quickly, those beasts could have shortened your day pretty easily!

First thing that comes to mind is........... WERE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOAT

Three Orcas spoted of ambleside yesterday, wonder if it might happen here ?
well, they'll probably eat the seals first ;D :beerchug:
If there transients they will eat the seals.If they are residents they are on the salmon...hope they go through the harbour and up the arm...It has been a couple of years since they have been to the scratching rocks there.Must keep an eye out for them at work tonight.
Did you end up seeing them up the arm? Were abouts have they gone up there in the past?
We must teach the Res. whale to eat seal. I've seen on two occasion killers eat seals off of Brant Reef in the Flat Top is. (Thrasher Rock) F in amzing! Seals acting like thoses in South Africa when under attack by White Sharks. Toying with the seals. Lovely sight. Only happens on a blue moon... or once every Sept. Shamoo your only getting seal pup from now on.
Have fun, Jason
Orca 1 ---Yankees 0...Pretty cavalier attitude about huge beasts that could do the same to their boat if riled enough.. Quess the fishing sucked after the Orcas moved in... :pissed:
Had my boat bumped by a smaller bull at Nootka Island ...He came back and stuck his head up close to the boat and made some funy squeeking nioses,,like he was apologizing...
Made us hold our breath for a few seconds though... :-\
I watched an Orca destroy a sea-lion off Pill Point a few weeks ago ,it was amazing to see the power they possess....
Said this before and will every time I get agian.
I watched a Jeanq Cousto?sp doc that had them in Micro Niasia?sp... probably the Soloman's. While steaming they encountered two killers - and killers is not derogitory, that is what they do to the biggest thing on earth... cept our pussy one only taking salmon when seal are all over the place. These two orcas in the tropic swim with the divers for a minute or two then dive. Both surface with sharks in their mouths. The one is six or so feet the other is 10 or more. The whales wave the sharks at the divers and swim off.
Now, I whould have thought this a trick with captive whales but after strooling by Eden in OZ I was like OMG!
For those that don't know the story of Eden (I'm geting the bay's name wrong) Orcas should look up a book called old Tom on Amazon... and a TV show on PBS, Nature or something, who'd watch it.
Well, old Tom is on display only a few miles from Jarvis Bay where marlin are catch from shore - land based addiction, rock climbing and fishing in one... and the best of both. However, our story is about a bay more south. A bay that for unknown reason whale beached themselves on - and this was long before criminal sonar and SSN or any nuc sub. The aboriganies counted on carckes of whales to drift in. Those that killed the whales drifting in are called killers as every whaler knows them. Whaling took off at this bay cause it was shalow and on the migratory path, orcas came there to hunt.
Some how a whaler and an orca came to know each other. True, very god danmed true. The orcas and the people found away to work together. Old Tom was the lead whale, he and his cohotres would drive the whles into the bay were the whalers would be. The whalers would kill the whale leaving the tough for the killers.
This arangment was not only catching whales. The pod aranged around Tom love people helped find them when missing... even if dead, and took them out of storms.
But whaling was too efficiant, too many whles were caught. And the profit for the thrity or so whales dwindlied and all but five took off... Tom stayed.
I know when I say this that know one believes a word. But the dogs at my feet are here cause I provided for them. And Cormerants in the Yellow river fish for there master. Being a team is a part of Biology. In times before single cell orgnism without orginals had to say in some way Mitochondrion or Chloralphil you are all right.
That is what we did with orcas!
Crazy it sound but being it tune with nature is our only hope or something.
Look for the book.
have fun, Jason
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It sucks to loose a nice fish, but sometimes the best fishing stories are about the one that got away.
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