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To My Good Friends, from ‘Ortho………….Think BIG start small.

In the past, you have assisted me in my fundraising endeavors for the Cues for Kid’s Foundation, BC Children’s Hospital, BC Cancer Agency, Motorcycle Ride to Live for Prostate Cancer, as well as supported various raffles and ticketed events for people in need. I am turning my focus this year towards a special boy, a special need and a special cause.

Joshua is one of my patients. I have designed custom leg braces for him in order for him to stand for short periods during the day. He has recently had numerous surgeries on his legs and is now training with mom and his physiotherapist to get his overall strength back. His mother, Michelle is an elite runner, and single mom. I know the family well.

Michelle’s son, Joshua, has a rare brain disorder resulting in significant physical disabilities. He primarily gets around in a wheelchair, is unable to speak and needs full assistance for daily living. He’s the most wonderful kid in the world! He is very bright, has a keen sense or humor, and loves sports!!

After a number of incidents with Josh on the sidelines of various sporting events watching his peers play, crying because he couldn’t play, Michelle was determined to find a community sporting event that he could participate in. Inspired by Team Hoyt, a father and son team in the US they started running together.

Josh LOVED it! He had his own racing bib, was cheered on by other runners and spectators and was right in the heart of the action where he loves to be! TEAM JOSHUA was born. They have run numerous half marathons and in 2009 completed the BMO Vancouver Full Marathon (42.2 km…picture above)

Their dream is to qualify for and run the Boston Marathon, the oldest and most prestigious marathon in the world, as a way to raise awareness of the challenges facing families of children with disabilities. The issues for these families are overwhelming. In order to make the qualifying time for Boston.Team Joshua needs an adapted racing wheelchair, custom made, and easy to push for Michelle. (estimated cost is approximately $8,000-10,000).

I have committed to help them get there. They need your help, too. There is no donation too small for this worthy cause. You can view their website, and in particular, the awesome video of mom and josh working/playing together at:
www.teamjoshua.ca and donate directly on line at the bottom of the webpage You can print your own receipt from the screen and an email will be sent to you confirming the amount donated. You can also donate to me and I will ensure all monies are received by team Joshua

Robert L Ford aka ‘Ortho
#13-9880 Parsons Road
Richmond, BC

The leadership of Team Joshua consists of Jennifer Black, Shannon Vrlak, Catherine Watkins and Michelle Gentis.

All donated funds will be responsibly administered by the team.
Tax receipts will be issued for all donations over $25.00

Thank you from Josh and the team……………’Ortho
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