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There is something rather annoying :shock: about getting a call from your buddy ('Finder) in Chilliwack on Thursday suggesting Flyfishin' Majician & yours truly meet him at his place at 5am on Friday.....Hey man, that is a 3am alarm for the "city boys"! You get to have an extra 1.5 hrs sleep!.........LOL. :lol: ....Well after the obligatory 1.5 hr. drive I arrived a tad late at 5:05 and FFM pulled in right behind me..."Finder was still getting rid of the morning fog, so we hopped in the jeep and headed over to Timmy's for a "double double double". Would have been better with some whiskey. Hair of the dog if you wish.

Seems things have been a tad slow on the river, however, armed with our trusty river rods, we parked and hiked into 'Finders fav spring hole, and arrived to find the entire area devoid of all fishers except US! Now, this is a first.

Our enthusiasm was heightened by several fish that were rising just below us. Ok, here is where the 30 second drill pays off....Always set up ALL your stuff the night before so it is arrive and cast...Right. I already had a problem with the Calc.400 before I left home so I went to the 6500C and respooled without any problems, until I made the first cast and realized the worm gear that ensures your line doesn't stack up on the reel was not working properly.

Great!...Another large fish rises and I am getting a bit angry, until I find out that if I just nudge the carry arm a little the reel works ok. but I have to remember for every retrieve.
After watching several more fish rise below where we are fishing, and the"perfect water" we are fishing is a pretty unproductive I decide to move downstream and see if I can fool something into chasing my offering..........Good idea!

Six or eight well placed casts and two rats nests in the reel that took up way too much of my time (maybe a min. each) and the line hesitates for just a momment at the end of the drift, the float drops and the unmistakeable "headshake" of a Vedder spring is felt and the battle is on......Fish On!. :D :D ........Now the fun part. How do you land a fish where the river goes into the "no follow zone" below you and your reel takes two hands to operate? :?:
(to be continued tomorrow, I have to play golf)...Ortho...... 8)

OK here's Part 2..........

I now have two problems.....One being the reel that is really "sticky" :( and the second sticky problem is that if this fish decides to get lazy and turn towards the lower river I have to say Bye Bye as there is absolutely no way to chase the fish. So, I remember an old trick that I have used many times before. Immediately slack the line and trick the fish into returning to where he was hooked..They will almost always return the same spot if you are patient, as this is their comfort zone and they are usually hanging out with a few buddies, that Finder and FFM both managed to fool a little later in the morning.

So I patiently keep just enough tension on the line to give this fish a little "encouragement" to swim back thru the fast water and back up to an area that I might have a chance to land it.
After 3-4 min. the fish slowly swims back up the river, and returns to the spot where
I hooked him, and the battle is now on...At this juncture, my fishing buddies are seeing some activity on the end of my rod and a short whistle from me indicated we have the first real action of the day in progress.

A very co operative fish indeed!.Two big arials, and a couple of short runs and a nice, fat,chrome buck of around 10 lbs. is on the beach, but not before I jam my finger between the line guide and the edge of the reel which produces a nice fat blister as a reminder to get the reel fixed as soon as I get home!!!

Now, the card has to be signed and the fish looked after, and the leader is a bit frayed, so I cut it off and flip the "Ortho special" to Finder who quickly re-ties and gets into the "spot"..Well, it doesnt take very long before Finder is into one of his own and after a very brief tussel, two head shakes and big roll in the fast water and a beautiful BIG fish is now the proud owner of some lip jewellry, courtesy of Ortho!.........'Finder throws his hands up in the air at his misfortune, just as FFM and myself return .

Now, you should all know that Finder is a very good rod and does not lose many fish so we had to blame it on a "fluke"....bad knot? frayed line? bad hook set? smart fish? fast water? equipment failure?........So, the score is now fishers 1........fish 1 at this point.

There is something about being on the river at first light with warm temperatures and good friends that really raises the spirits. We shall visit this area as soon as I return from the dentist. 8) ........to be continued........................

So FFM sees all this action going on, and since I have already landed a fish, I quickly go to the bag and haul out some more "specials" and both FFM & 'Finder are back in business in no time. This early in the morning, you don't normally see too many other bodies on the water, however, with that said, it was like someone was on the telephone to most of the Friday fishers, and said...."get your butt down to this pool.....NOW!" :shock: Within the next half hr. no fewer than 15 rods showed up. Some of them saw the area was populated and immediatly moved on, others decided that since there was 2 or 3 ft. of space, they might as well move in, and start casting over our lines. Now this is another adventure!
'Finder looks over at me and says in an auadible voice..."Why the heck are you using that gear in this water? And what makes you think you can butt in where it is clear there is no room for more than two rods?....Boy, Finder is a diplomat, no doubt, because I would likely have had a few VERY harsh words to lay on him.

Clear high water, and this guy is throwing a 1 oz. 'betty and a 1-0 kook with the sparcest of wool!.AAArrrhhhhhh...I couldn't believe what I was seeing? Is this the new norm on the Vedder? Ah I digress..............back to the fishing :wink:

FFM has laid out a number of casts and had to contend with the BB guy as well, so I then step in and give him a quick pointer....(No, hitting the BBguy on the back cast was not one of them, but it was tempting)...As I was giving FFM a brief tip wouldn't you know it? BAM!........fish on...fish off!!....One of the remaining fastwater springer buddies decided he,too, must smack the offering, but unfortunately came unbuttoned..........along with yet another that 'Finder hits about half hr. later............So now it's fishers1.........fish 3

Needless to say, the only other fish landed were the unfortunate little smolts from the hatchery, who seem to hammer almost anything that moves in the river. Gear, eggs, roe bags..They hit everything and on close inspection, they were all clipped fish!...Why do they linger so long in the river?........One fell prey to a large male eagle who swooped out of the sky on the lower river when the eagle smashed into the river with such force, we thought he had hurt himself. Turns out, he was having trouble keeping a hold on the very large trout that he scooped out of some stillwater behind us....Quite a sight!

So to my good friends.........Thank you for the great day on the river....it was a blast!....And Finder, next time you want to go out....I'm sleeping over the night before!.....LOL :lol: :wink:
'til the next trip..........Ortho 8)

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That solo little chromer is ruing the day he fell for one of my custom Ortho specials (sorta like a silver #3 vibraax spinner blade) :wink:
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