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Outboard prop to jet conversion

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Has anyone done an outboard prop to jet conversion? Looking for some feedback. Thanks.
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What is the HP of the motor your thinking of converting ? I looked into it once but the HP loss would have put me to low to be any good .
Thanks for the link Jim. I have been looking into it for a couple of years, and have seen that site. I believe that they are one of the only manufacturers of jets for outboards. I have a Johnson 115 HP, which is the max HP for the boat I have. Even with the loss in HP it will be be adequately powered.
The outboard jet website says on their website that the conversion takes about an hour. I was wondering if that is realistic, as I will be using the prop as well. Any comments on transom jacks as well would be appreciated (manual vs hydrolic).
Is your outboard on a transom jack?
no, but I never use the prop. I have done it and it will run ok if the water is not very choppy.
I have watched a shop do it and would say that the 1 hour thing is for someone that has done it alot, it would take a 1.5-2 hours, if you have all your ducks in a row. onething you should think about doing, I'd suggest and additional water pump so you don't have to swap that over each time. The outboard jets site is a great tool and the people there are very helpful.

Converting from a prop to a jet leg takes away 30% of your motors rated HP.
Right on JBJ!! :thumbup: we have the jack system from outboard jet in house....they work slick if you have a 20" transom. They even have the deflector so that the pump shoe fits nice and tight with no spray in the corners. Do you have a delta pad or flat spot on the hull for a jet or is the hull, vee'd right to the transome?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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