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Pacific Angler is accepting applications to fill an opening for a sales associate.

Candidate Requirements:
The successful candidate must have solid local fishing knowledge spanning saltwater, still water and river fishing, with both gear and on the fly. To be an effective sales’ associate the person should be self-motivated, outgoing, personable, polite, and organised and have a strong commitment to top rate customer service. Some computer related skills are necessary to search out products online and operate the point-of-sales system.

About Pacific Angler:
Pacific Angler is Vancouver’s premier fly and tackle shop. We are well positioned, with a great central location and an attractive shop, to continue to grow and offer better and better service with our wide range of equipment. Pacific Angler is expanding to incorporate a travel and guiding agency which offers new sales prospects through opportunities to host trips and visit a wide array of different fisheries in British Columbia and around the world.

Benefits and Compensation:
Sales associate positions at Pacific Angler offer a competitive hourly wage with the added incentive of a performance based bonus structure. This position provides a wide variety of opportunities to fish in B.C. and around the world with the Pacific Angler Team, as well as greatly discounted rates on fishing equipment, gear and apparel.

To Apply:

Please forward a letter of introduction and resume to [email protected] with “sales associate application” in the subject line. Candidates will be contacted for interviews.
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