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Things have picked up with the warmer weather, particularly in the high elevation lakes, but it has been a double edge sword. The lower elevations have slowed down as the summer doldrums kick in and the fish head for the deeper and cooler water. This time of year expect to see some sedge hatches and some dragonfly hatches. In the higher elevation lakes you will see the latter but donÕt be surprised if there are still a few mayflies, damsels, and chironomids coming off.

We have had good reports from Roche, Pennask, Corbett and Peterhope over the last weekend. The 100 Mile/ Sheridan area is still a bit slow. Roche Lake and Black Lake continue to fish well with some very nice fish being caught. The sedges are starting to pop, so try flies like the green Spratley, Careys, 52 Buicks and the Mikaluk sedge. We see a big drop off in lake anglers this time of year but those in the know are heading to the plateaus and catching some nice fish in the high elevation lake. Do some research and find some high elevation lakes and you will be pleasantly surprised. You can even have good chironomid fishing in late July!

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