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The winter saltwater salmon fishing season can be described with one word, “challenging!” Fishing has been very tough locally with only a few small reports of fish being caught in the Vancouver harbour and Howe Sound area. Eddie was out on Monday and got this nice undersized fish.

Eddie with a nice undersized winter chinook salmon which was carefully released to get bigger!

Jason will be out teaching his popular Mastering Local Saltwater Salmon Fishing this weekend. We’ll make sure to update our Pacific Angler Facebook page with any hot reports. On a positive note crabbing has been excellent.

A full crab trap!

The Vancouver weather forecast is calling for sun on Saturday and then clouds and rain for Sunday and into the following week. You can expect some heavier rainfalls throughout the week. The daily high temperatures range from 8 to 11 degrees Celsius while the daily low temperatures range from 3 to 5 degrees Celsius. A combination of mild temperatures and rainy and cloudy weather conditions will make for good fishing conditions in our local rivers.

The marine forecast for the Strait of Georgia is calling for southeast winds, ranging from 5 to 15 knots. This will be great conditions for local saltwater anglers. With a southeast wind you can expect nice and fairly calm seas.

Read below for a full report from Captian Eddie:

Can’t say I was looking forward to fishing on Monday but much to my surprise the rain stopped, the Sun came out and the wind died! It truly felt like spring again. I headed out with a great group and had a nice ride out in flat clam waters to drop the crab traps. I met up with three other boats and trolled along the West Vancouver shoreline. We had a bit of a surprise when we hit a Starry Sole that hit a 3″ Kitchen Sink spoon with no flasher on my highest line about 30′ off the bottom!

A very rare sole caught while trolling.

Shortly before the high slack tide a lively Winter Spring hit a 3.5″ Green Glow spoon with a chartreuse flasher off the bottom. Unfortunately it was just shy of the limit. No other fish were reported in our area, behind Bowen Island, or across the Strait of Georgia. Later in the afternoon we all moved to prospect around the freighters and one of my associates reported a couple of shakers. We also hooked a shaker just before the end of the trip. Unforunately the seal that had been following us provided the guest with an extra thrill as he stole his fish.

We pulled the traps and got 10 large crab and 4 undersized in one and 2 undersized in the other. Overall it was an enjoyable outing and look forward to my guest’s next visit.

- Eddie Matthei

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