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To receive the full Pacific Angler Vancouver Friday Fishing Report sign up for the Pacific Angler Newsletter by clicking on the link (http://www.pacificangler.ca/bc-fishing-info/vancouver-fishing-news.html). Other cool Pacific Angler stuff to check out is the Pacific Angler Facebook Page, Pacific Angler Blog, and Pacific Angler Guide Journal.

Pacific Angler Outlook

The big story this week is still the weather forecast with NO RAIN IN SIGHT! The good news for fisherman is that it looks as though the fish have realized that they can’t wait any longer. The Pacific Angler staff had a number of reports confirming that salmon are simply disregarding the low water. The Vedder, Stave and Harrison all had fish show up this week. The Albion test fishery blew up with good numbers of chum salmon this last week. Salmon have shown up in the Harrison, Stave, Vedder and Squamish Rivers. The numbers are higher than last year but similar to 2009 and 2010. Coho numbers are lower than normal. It can be noted that not many coho salmon are historically recorded in the Albion Test fishery.

Out in the salt chuck tides were tough this last weekend but with better tides carrying into this weekend we are predicting good fishing. Jason and Andre were out with some good friends yesterday and they hooked a number of nice springs off the mouth of the Capilano River in 80 to 100 ft running anchovies.

Saltwater Report:
The local Vancouver salmon fishing has picked up over the last two days. Pacific Angler saltwater guides, Jason and Eddie, reported fresh fish moving into the Vancouver harbour. This in combination with a good flood tide, a great looking Vancouver weather forecast and Georgia Straight Marine forecast could make this one of the best weekends of the year to be on the saltwater.

The mouth of the Capilano River has been the hot ticket for large chinook salmon. Eddie reported that he got into a fish which was the hardest fighting of the year. Yes, this means fresh fish that are eager to bite and peel lots of line off of your reel. The most productive rig for our guides have been a flasher, 6 foot leader, anchovy or herring teaser, and anchovy or teaser. The key for this fishery is to make sure you spend as much time being in the zone as possible, concentrating in the 80 to 100 ft water depth. It is important to have your rig as close to the bottom as possible. This is where the guides have hit the majority of their fish.

There are still coho stacked off the pink apartments that are rolling on the surface. Anglers have had intermittent success with flies and spoons but the fish are now getting lock jawed.

Make sure to stock up for the long weekend by stopping at the shop at 78 East Broadway. Our friendly staff will show you exactly what to use and how to use it! Visit the Pacific Angler Guide Journal for the most up-to-date weekly reports. Both Eddie and Jason will be out on the water this weekend, so they’ll see you out there.

Beach Report
Andre has reported that the local beach fishing has slowed down this week and is coming towards an end. It is time to start searching for salmon in our local rivers now.

Happy fishing and don’t forget your stripping basket.


On behalf of the Pacific Angler staff have a great Thanksgiving weekend out there. We'll see you on the water or in the shop!

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