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painting jigs

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Hi everyone!

I've started making my one jigs recently,and they prooved them selfeves pretty good.Money wise it is alot cheaper to do it your self and by the way you can make them the way you like it.I tried tying the jig head with the drilled bead and the pin thrugh the middle and i tried using the ones with the molded weight in the hook,I favorize the ones that are molded. BUT my question is, can anybody advize me how to paint the leaded heads into different coloures,what to use and where I can find these materials to do the painting?
THX in advance and good luck out there. :thumbup:
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RFT has a dip paint that goes on like a powder coat... you heat the Jig Head over a candle and then dip it in the powder ... tap it off and works really well. I painted over 400 Jigs with the one jug... they have a few different colors as well.
That powder paint is excellent, I suggest a plumbers torch and some pliers and you are good to go, the right amount of heating is the key and you'll get a real shiny pant job. Also oven baking afterward really toughens the finish.

I still find brass beads have a greater fish attracting quality.
what is :thumbup: "RFT"
You can also "bake" them in an oven to cure the powder paint, if you're married I'd suggest a small toaster oven ;D You can find them cheap at garage sales. Also heres a couple of links to powder coating jigs. http://steelheadnotebook.net/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=331ab44dfd0feb2fba44034957b35242&topic=20.0
ribolovac said:
what is :thumbup: "RFT"
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Cheers, :cheers:
I to make my own jigs and have found that the powder coating stuff sucks, chips off to easily. Go with the vinyl paints you can order them from many places but I got mine from Do-it molds. No baking etc. just a couple swipes with a paintbrush or a dip job and you are done.
Found some today (glo powder coat)....can't wait to try it out....also picked up a small qty of glow acrylic to see how it is...total cost. Powder coat 8.99, acrylic 6.69, brush 2.49, to see what all this creates priceless :beerchug:
I've been making my own weighted head jigs for ice-fishing for a few years now and have found that fingernail polish works very well. Got into my 18 yr olds collection at first and now have my own. ;D Dollar store provides me with some of the wildest colours complete with sparkles and the whole shebang. Now it's me having to protect my stock and keep the magic liquids locked away in my Fly/Bow room where wandering fingers can't get in. :naughty: If I think it's required I can put a final clear coat overtop for more gloss and sparkle.

Luck to you,
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