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On Sunday afternoon, my brother-in-law, Peter, from the UK, and Richie from work fished Paradise Lake (5 minutes north of the Elkhart Exchange off the Okanagan Connector Highway 97 C. What a beautiful lake and resort! We checked in at the resort office and they were very courteous and did not charge a launch fee. There is also a nice forest service site further down the road. The road to the lake is all paved so access is convenient. We arrived at 3:00 pm and did not have a single bite until 6:00 pm. We started out with the usual attractor patterns - Spratleys, etc. and then after seeing a section of the lake plugged with chironomid casings, tried a few of them as well but nada. There was not much surface action either. I thought this was strange as I've heard that most of the lakes off the connector contain a lot of fish that are easily caught on the fly. In fact, those who have fished Pennask Lake know what I'm talking about. Even some old timers dragging pots and pans and a good ole worm were not getting any action. Then all of a sudden, shortly after six, the wind died down and the sun went behind the trees and all hell broke loose! In close to the shore in about 20 feet of water, fish were jumping one after another and gorging themselves on Mayfly emergers. I tied on a Cahill pattern and BANG BANG BANG! Same thing with Peter who had a small Tom Thumb at the end of a sinking line and Richie who was using a beat up caddis pattern. We had a hook up every cast but the fish were quite small about 10-12 inches. We moved out into deeper water and sure enough, same thing but bigger fish! At one point it was pandemonium in the boat - a triple header! My 3-weight flyrod buckled as I striped in my line only to have what I thought was a really nice fish dart at the boat and drag the leader into the electric motor prop. As well, a lovely little bird's nest in my reel appeared. I thought for sure I was going to lose the fish but when I looked down at the prop, the fish was still on! I netted the lovely 15 incher. By 8:30 pm, we landed over 20 fish. Next time, I'm bringing the kids and starting later in the day. I have been going to smaller, more difficult to access "trophy" lakes recently and I can say that this type of lake was a nice break.

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