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Pedder Bay Area

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Hi everyone, i'm going to head down to pedder bay mid july and rent one of their boats. I was wondering what i should expect from that area. I'm looking to do a little bottom fishing, probably just target rockcod and lingcod but i am totally unfamiliar with that area. Can anyone let me know how the waves/currents are around that area and what kind of setup to use. Like how heavy line, how big weight, what size hooks and what not. Also where would a good area be to fish or if i should even go to target bottom fish at all. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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There are a lot of rock islands and such all around pedder bay. However, there are very strong currents through that area.... The big light house you will see is called Race Rocks for good reason. You may want to try for bottom fish all along the rocks on the outsides of the bay, near the kelp beds that border the shore. However, be sure to check in with fisheries, as there are some protected areas in that region. You may want to look into lingcod restrictions as well. Many times when I was trolling for salmon in Pedder, we would pick up lings and rockers. If you come out of pedder, try heading around the point and getting into Whirl Bay, and further up the coast you will run in to east Sooke... Try fishing in all the bays in there, especially Becher Bay- another good spot for lings. Going in to the bays always offers you some protection from the tide rips. There is a small Island inside Becher Bay that has good lingcod holes all around it... Again, look to skirt the rock beaches, just in front of the kelp beds. Your best bet for tackle is jigging lures like zingers or buzz bombs... chrome always being a good color for cod! You want a stiff rod and at least 30lbs test. Also, buy lots of tackle... you will loose lots fishing close to the kelp. If the jigging is slow, you can always try with live bait... I think you can get it right at the dock in Pedder Bay. Again, strong line, including your liter. Those big lings have big teeth. Have fun and let me know how you made out!

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PM me before ya leave..... big boat is out of comission for a few.... dead cylinder :-[
Watch out around the race.... there is good cod fishing but anything above 180ft (60 meters) is an RCA area and there isnt any sounders on those boats.
When ya get to the marina ask them to point ya to the deep hole... cod is limited in this area but probably one of the best areas and there is a real good chace of getting a spring....... the jerkers are doing better than the trollers ;)
Alright thanks guys, how heavy of a weight should i be using in in these waters with 30lb lines anyways? Also, is there any trick for not getting ur damn hooks stuck on rocks so often? I'm gonna be going with a couple who have never fished before and i don't feel like losing 30 hooks.
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