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peg leg

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peg leg bar what is the best time to go up there for the big springs and what kind of gear do you need ?? my friends dad used to show me 40 pounders he caught from there ! do you use a flote , lure or what. how deep is the water ? send pointers this way ....... :twisted:
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lol you dont know the gong show you are in for... fished there last year for the first time and will never go back... all i got to say
unless you have a boat to get to the other side then, dont bother. Shoulder to shoulder, literally. but there is alot of fish that come out of there
wow had no idea thanks for the info

dont let people steer you away cause of the crowds at pegleg

i fish there in sockeye time and it is nothing like scale bar i mean yes it can be pretty crowded but i mean unless you have a fraser worthy boat to get onto an island you are going to have people everywhere

it really isnt that bad most people and i mean most people are very respectful of you when you have a fish on

sockeye dont take long to bring in and a spring will drag you down the bar usually

your best thing to do is go out there and check it out fish it a couple times

see how you like it

ilike the fact that there is almost nothing for snags there and if you see a huge hole in the lineup of people that means SNAG cause every piece of beach there is good

hope that helps

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thanks im still going to check it out like you said ! but no one has told me the best time july aug. ?
know ? lol
The best times to fish Peg leg depends on what you are targeting and how high the river is. Springs are present from June thru Sept. Best times for me have been mid July to late August. Sockeye season is when the gong show happens, so try to avoid weekends. Sockeye is usually at its peak in mid August. The best approach for Sockeye is to arrive early, get your 2 fish and get the hell out. If the river is high Peg can be a tough place to fish and can be dangerous. Good luck!
awsome yhanks for the info
Unless you got a boat or snorkel don't come to Peg anytinme soon. The rivers up and there is no peg that you can access. Email me if you are thinking of coming and I can always do a quick check, it's only 2min from my place and I just got back from there.
what about under the agassiz rosedale bridge?any fishing on fraser in june?
Under the Aggasiz-Rosedale bridge you can bar fish ,or bottom bounce for that matter, for springs in June. Not to many people are going to be around in June. Probably worth a trip once the river goes down a bitto beat the summer crowds.
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