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pegleg sturgeon adventure

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Well I was just about wrapping up my vacation, just coming back from Naramata on Friday. Saturday, with a bunch of chores hanging over my head and being generally depressed that I had not done any fishing during my vacation. My wife literally threw me out of the house and told me to GO FISHING! It was 3pm Saturday and I figured after talking with the guys at Freds that the fastest and easiest thing was just going down to the peg and try for a spring or maybe a coho?,,, There were reports of fish in the lower Vedder but the action was apparently slow.
Got there to see a few other anglers, most of which were still plunking and flossing. I decided to just chuck a spoon for a while to see if I could get into anything. I got into a salmon within about 20-30 mins of arriving,,,,and then he did the majic jump and spit my spoon back at me as if to taunt me. I got a little frustrated and as I watched the flossers considered yelling at them to release my frustration. Oh well, I'll just throw my spoon some more.
Well about 10 casts later a sudden thud and stop,,hmmm, a snag I thought. then like a locomotive I was nearly spooled 200 yds in about 15 seconds. I thought this is it, the biggest spring I'm ever guna catch!,,,but it did not feel like a spring. Well about half a mile dowstream and with the help of 2 great guys that were packing it in for the day I landed a 4-5ft sturgeon. It was foul hooked in the side of the head, the poor guy was probably just sitting there when my spoon drifted into him. I got in the water with it and had one of the guys take a few shots of me, which he said he would email to me. The fish was released unharmed to live another day. I spent the next 30 minutes or so in disbelief reliving a memory that I will never forget.
And that 20lb test tied directly onto the spoons swivel performed miraculously, it was severely frayed for about 4 ft up from the spoon but held true.
You just never know what a day at the peg will bring,,,,,,,,,
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