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Dad and i headed out for a couple hours of combat fishing. after about an hour of watching everyone else hook nice springs it was my turn. i set up into a heavy fish and the fight was on, rod doubled over and line peeled off so fast it burned my thumb and left a blister, and that was with the drag cranked down and me playing the fish hard. i play fish real hard and pump em in. no go with this freight train. he took off, thrashed and shook the hook, bent my Gamakatsu 4/0 hook. couple casts later i lifted the rod in to a sockeye. good sized fish, but shook the hook. few more casts and after helping dad land a sockeye i finally hook into another fish. small, 4-5 pounder but bright chrome. beached it easily. second salmon of the season for me. first was last night. more casting, lots more people up and down the bar hooking springs and sockeye. i hook into another sockeye, a feisty litle girl. landed her and reeled up my rod, i was done for the day. i quit fishing after getting my two sockeye to do my part in reducing mortality rates. took the 4runner for a bit of wheeling back on the bar for a half hour and came back in time to watch dad set into a good sized spring. after a good fight he beahces an 18 pound red, almost the twin of the one i got last year. get the fish ready to clean and dad says "what the heck, why not try a couple more casts to get my last sockeye?" so ziiiinggg, out goes his cast, bounce, bounce, thud. fish on. he quickly beaches a sockeye. first cast after the spring. we cleaned the fish, and headed for home. best day we've had on the river since last season!!!
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