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Pender Harbour.

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Onlly caught flounder or sole. Fished Ebson point (around Thournby is.) the A- frame. and Bjarrye's shoals.
From there I went to silva bay... I have to qualify my report, I dropped two of my down rigger screws in the ocean. So I was jigging the whole time.
I never caught no salmon but did and this is serious have one hit my Zzinger. I know cause I smelt it. That spring amoniua smell.
Have fun, Jason
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Fish byers from Japan know the smell of fish. I had a good hit from a chinook. I could smell it. It was a chinook.
believe me or not Jason
Nook's are stinky fish.
What? :lol: sail I do What? :lol:
Dean, you know what I mean. Smell a chinook. Come fishing with me. I got a sail boat. Come any way. mmmm chinook. good to smell.
have fun, Jason.
Dean, sorry you know what I mean.
have fun, Jason
Seen dophins in the strait?
Great pictures of the dolphins. What the heck are you guys talking about regarding "smelling" springs?? Maybe I'm too serious about all this? I've got Cannons and I know all of you "Charlie Wight guys" use Scottys but what screws did you drop? I've replaced cables, terminal gear and electrical plugs (bigger deal than you'd think) but no screws. Anything I should worry about?

TC, I can smell them sometimes just driving home along River Road. Smelt a few heading up the Fraser along River Road between number 4 and 5 roads last week actually.
bigjay said:
Dean, sorry you know what I mean.
have fun, Jason
Seen dophins in the strait?
Nope......Not White sided.

Chinooks have their own 'special' aroma.
Next time you catch one, give it a sniff. Once you're dialed in, you'll know what we're talking about.
They're VERY stinky....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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