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Perfect guide combination for CP rod??

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Hello~ Fellas!! ;D

I'm planning to build a 13feet CP rod. :happy:
Grip and reel seat is already decided, but I'm still thinking about the line guides.
How many guides should I mount on 13 feet rod??? ??? :thumbup:
11-12 including tiptop?? or more??

I'm also concerning about the size of them.
I don't really prefer big hole guide for CP rod!! ::) Can any one suggest me a good combination for it??
Please share some good Idea!!

Thanks in advance~!! :thumbup:

Bravo~ :cheers: :beerchug: :drunk: :wallbash:
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I just built a LOOP 12 4 inch spey rod into a new pin, it has 10 guides and the tip... my 13 ft st.Croix 3 peice has 12 plus the tip... I went with Tich Guides on both rods as they are lighter and stronger....

both Rods were fishing 4 inch MacDonald reels on them with the 13 ft sometimes fishing a 4 1/4 they seemed to balance quite well.......
Generally speaking, a guide per foot so 13 foot rod, 13 guides plus tip. You can add more or use less as it will change the action of the rod because of the spacing and parabolic angles, load and e=mc2 and all that crazy algebraic stuff that I never learned in math. :wallbash:

With guides, you have a lot to choose from. Here's a good site for parts. They're located in Victoria and they provide good service and reasonable prices. Or you can source out local as well. Most tackle shops do carry supplies and/or can order them in for you.


And here's a link to a rod building site that has tons of useful info too.


And another one.

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