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Peter Hope/Glimpse snow?

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It was snowing this past weekend at the toll booth and I was wondering how the roads are up to Peter Hope and higher to Glimpse. I got a two wheel drive car and I want to go fishing at Glimpse. Tubing should be cold but I gotta get fishing. How deep is the snow? Thanks for the info. Oh, is Glimpse iced-off yet? Turning over?

Thanks so much,
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my dad a buddy of mine and me went to Stump and Courtney two weekens ago and the lakes just past the toll booth were just barely starting to show some water on one end the rest frozen and covered in snow still

i would believe they still look pretty close to the same still which would mean that they havent even gotten close to turning

hope this helps

B-daddy, Chalupa here. Was up at Peterhope yesterday, road is no problem. Did'nt fish but watched a derbys worth of anglers lined up along the weeds. Alot of casting but no bent rods. The water looked clear, but the wind was really picking up and alot of lakes around 3600ft have already started turning over so Phope won't be to far behind. GOOD FISHING!!!
my dads been up there for a week has had goood fishing on chronominds and mayflys the creek is running they open the dam up at plato
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