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Hey guys!

I was heading up to Pinaus Lake via Six Mile Creek Rd. and had my trip disrupted due to the spring washout that has obliterated parts of the road. I ended up getting permission to cross through "private" land (see point 2 below) and was able to access the lakes.

In retrospect, it would have been a lot easier to get up there through Westwold, but hey, it made for a great adventure.

4wd and a chainsaw are 100% necessary, and it might be a good idea to travel with two vehicles in case you get stuck.

Here's some tips on getting through:

1: DO NOT TAKE McGregor Creek FSR to access the Pinaus Lake FSR. This is the newly labeled path that says "access to Pinus Lake". At the very end of this road, the culvert that connects this road to the Pinaus Lake FSR has washed out, and is entirely impossible to cross with any 4 wheeled vehicle (you may be able to get a dirt bike across).

2: Try driving all the way down Six Mile Creek Rd until you end up at a metal gate labeled "Private Property". In reality it is not private property and the gentleman who owns the house to the right is just trying to decrease traffic (the road is government property and merges with the IR after the second field. If he stops you, just mention that the other access road is closed and I'm sure he will be lenient.

3: Once you get onto the Pinause Lake FSR you will encounter a washout at the 6km mark, and after the swamp. The second one is a bit sketchy so I would probably check it out first, then gun it to get through. After that it's smooth sailing. :)

A note on the lakes:

Big Pinaus:
--Had good luck with a slip bobber, 2 splitshot, and a worm on the Eastern Bay. Caught a 3/4 lb perch and a few rainbows. As for fly's, I didn't see too many fish rising so I would stick with shrimp imitations (green and blue), or a black leech with silver flashabou.

Little Pinaus:
--Casting Gibbs spoons (3/16 with orange spots) towards the sunken log and caught 2 trout (12" and 16") and a perch (1/2 lb). I didn't have my flyfishing gear with me, but the fish were hitting hard on top water midges.
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