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Pitt Meadows

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Any Suggestions on fishing places near Pitt Meadows for coho?
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wow i never thought of that , i was gunna try a ditch but a irver might work , thanks for the advice .. :|
No problem thats what im here for.

Its Dale lol.
hey Kurt

i grew up in Pitt Meadows

you can try the Allouette down Harris road try fishing roe or worms or if you fly fish you can try that you can wander alot of the river down there as the **** follows it a fair ways

or you could also try the Pitt River most people fish it off the bottom with single eggs or small spin 'n' glows (which could be also used in the Allouette i guess)

other than that you'll have to drive to a more popular spot which would be the Vedder or Chehalis rivers right now

hope that helps

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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