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Please watch these videos, it is your future and your kids!!

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If after watching this you would like to get involved check out the Wild Salmon Alliance at www.wildsalmonalliance.ca



Once you have watched these youtube has much more on the issue.


Rod Toth
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This is probably the single most devastating influence on our wild fish today. I would strongly urge anyone who has a limited knowledge of what is going on to watch these videos. Show them to your aunts, uncles, cousins, friends. make sure everyone you know is exposed to the facts.

Those of us who already know quite a bit about the issue, watch it again...share it with everyone you know...remind yourselves of the impacts irresponsible management can have...

The time will come when we will be able to lend our support. Be informed...

Thanks for posting this BR...
Why can't these farms be forced to farm inland in tanks? My guess is money, as usual.
That's pretty disapointing that the open water farms are able to continue operating when there is so much evidence that they are destroying wild salmon stocks. Not only that but the fact that the company in the video is owned by a foreign government. It's just not cool.
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