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Hi All,

Well I decided to take a quick run to the Canal and met up with a buddy on Tuesday Aug 26Th for a early fish. At 5am we headed out from china creek across the canal (a 5 min run, with his new 21' striper with a 200 yammeee :thumbup:), We set the 4 downriggers down about 15-45 feet and about 40 min later got a hit, so we go the pressure fish a 18 lb bright silver spring. We fished only for another 3 hours with no hits but then again I was more interested in my buds new boat and how the fishing has been over the past 2 wks, which he has been at. In general the fishing is all out at diplock area (bamfield) another bud hit the area and was rewarded with 4 springs in 3 hours (limited out 2 players LOL) , between 20 -
34 lbs). They were fishing diplock about 15 - 45 feet down with the biggear anchovies you have ever seen.

Just before we got to our fish area (by the light across from china creek) a native seiner had pulled up his nets with fish but we still hit ours so all
was good, but I heard the DFO has granted another opening to the seiners and gillnets on the 1st of Sept (evening), this can be verified by looking at the DFO site.

I hung out at the cleaning table at china creek and spoke to a few fellow fisherpeople :happy: , lots of fish brought in , ranging from 15-43 lbs
and most of them were bucks , very few does ......... makes me think about whats happening. I would say 10-1 ?????

Hope you all have a good fall fish
Cape R
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