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Hi All,

As you know I was really pumped a week ago to go to port alberni and fish for salmon (my 20 yr or so).

Well when I got there I saw the commercial fleets were let out and they got 10,500 fish in one day, seiners and gillnetters !

The next day I went out and the seals attacked my catch, they are becoming a major problem , in that they have now learnt how to strip your salmon off your line, so why fish on there own right !

So in 4 days of fishing , I didn't bring a fish in, Wow that's the first time for me.

I asked a few of my buddies that went out to bamfield, Cree Isl, Rainy bay, Diplock and they reported very poor fishing since Sept 2, 2008.

Well I dint know who to blame but it would seem there is to much demand on the salmon and I hope the DFO does a better job then they did on the Sockeye run (on the Canal) because they say the Sockeye will not return ..................................... :wallbash:

Well maybe next year we should be planning a trip to Saskatchewan, at least they have managed their fishery and have lots to be caught

Hopping next year is better

Cape R
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