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Now that I'm back, rested, and caught up on my work I thought I'd share some pics and comments about our trip to Port Hardy. Left Thursday night (July 24th) and caught the last ferry over to Duke Point. Had a very uneventful drive up, except for the deer we almost hit rounding a corner. Arrived at approx. 6:30 AM and had breakfast at Babe's (close to Quarterdeck Marina) in Port Hardy ...... sure hit the spot ..... freindly service and good food for the $$$.

Stayed at the Quatse River Regional Park and Campground ......... nice sites, friendly service, fire wood available by donation, fish freezing for $1.00 per fish, non-coin-metered hot showers (well sometimes hot and cold), and even a tour of the hatchery on the right day and time.

First on the agenda was unloading the boat and truck, setting up camp and getting a few ZZZZ's.

Our Camp ...

Fish Farm in Port Hardy Bay ...

After waking up we headed into town to get some bait, pick up a few groceries, and stocked up on ice. We returned to camp, cooked up a feast including Prawn Cesaer Salad complimented with White Sabuca and Heineken Beer.

My buddy (Don) and I always have a fishing challenge ...... so we agreed that whoever got outfished would have to say "YOU ARE THE GREATEST FISHERMAN" whenever asked. Two points were awared each day for 1st fish, biggest fish, and the most fish. Winner to be determined at the end of the last day.

We hit the sack fairly early that night as we were still tired from the drive and we wanted to get an early start to the morning.

Woke up about 5:30 AM had French Toast, Bacon, and of course Irish Cream & Coffee for breakfast ......... twas yummy ....... then off to the boat launch. Rigged up the rods, hooked up to the downriggers and before we went 100 feet .............. FISH ON!!! Not a bad start to the day ....... a small pink that was quickly released. One thing for sure these fish were way harder to identify in their early development than when they enter the Fraser River. I'm sure some people mistake them for other species.

Trolled Daphne Point, Masterman Island, and Duval Point. Returned to camp about 4:30 PM with the boat tally being: 14 Pinks (all small except two .... all released), 1 small Spring (released), 2 small Coho (released). I caught the first, largest, and most .... Score: Stu 6, Don 0. :thumbup:

The maze of boats at Duval Point:

After another great meal and a few Corona's with shooters we hit the sack ready to tackle Day 2. Day 2 started off the same as Day 1 ...... more Pinks than anything else ..... only difference was that I couldn't buy a hit. Had me wondering whether Don did something to my gear to scare the fish away from it ....... either that or what he had done to his? :confused: Many, Many Pinks caught today. Two keepers from Day 2 .... a very nice large Pink that we were going to BBQ for supper and a 23 pound Spring that was deposited into the freezer back at camp. (Score now tied 6 - 6).

We were a little disappointed so far as the fishing was really very slow for Springs and Coho ..... so we decided that weather permitting we would be off Hali fishing in the AM.

After about a 45 minute trip we arrived at our fishing destination the next day. Within 30 minutes Don had the first fish on - a small Hali that we released. Next fish on a beautiful Hali (again by Don) in the 30 lb range. Then it was my turn ........ another Hali just a little bigger than Don's. Rather than spoil all this fun in one day we decided to venture over to the Gordon Group of islands and troll.

Can you say HALIBUT?

Masterman Island from our Hali Hole:

Duval Point from the Gordon Group:

Sea Kyakers paddling along the Gordon Group:

Fish farm out at the Gordon Group of Islands:

Since a picture tells 1,000 word I'm going to limit the narative on our trip and provide more pictures. Although it rained quite a bit while we were there, it did so mostly at night while we were sleeping .... we had a wonderful time.

Our Campfire to keep warm with:

Don & I at Camp (timed picture):

Lots of eagles ........ up close and personal:

Me with one of my Coho:

A whale of a good time!!!

Dolphins playing with a Herring Ball - they dove right under and around our boat for almost 1/2 hour.

Although fishing was somewhat slow we did manage to come home with a decent catch. My Daughter and her Man joined us the last two days and we managed to obtain our limit of Hali for everyone ........ all chickens!!!

Don went into the fishing challenge leading by 2 points on the last day ...... I caught the first, and the biggest, while he caught the most. After 10 days of fishing ..... we ended up tied!!! :beerchug:

On another note ...

While in Port Hardy I was somewhat distrubed when seeing on the chalkboard at Quarterdeck Marina that a 120lb and one even larger (200 lb) Hali were killed. I realize catching a fish this size is a great temptation to obtain a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity but please consider this ...

Male Hali only grow to be about 70 pounds ......... females on the other hand grow to enormous sizes. When you kill a Hali over 70 pounds you are almost for sure removing a female full of at least 700,000 eggs from the reproductive cycle.



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Nice Report !!! I was just up there for 2 weeks and had a great time.

Unfortunately, your allowed to keep big and small Hali's, even though it would be smart to release the large ones, but you have to remember most of the people up there are being guided and pay huge dollars to fish through lodge's and when that paying customer hooks into a big Hali there most likely going to keep them !!!

The bad part about a halibut that big is the meat quality isn't as good as a chicken Hali, we got lots of Hali's but mostly chicken which was perfectly fine...

Chickens IMO are the best ones to retain !!!!

Looks like you had some fun though, Did you by chance fish Duval Point !! maybe you did one of the pics looks familiar to DUval and i missed it while reading


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Yes we did fish Duval Point for the first two days at times but found it to be slow.

A lot of the guides were fishing the top point of the island. About an hour away there is Mahwitti Bar (just past Bull Harbour on Hope Island) where you troll for Springs, Coho, and Hali at about 65 to 75 feet .... about 5 - 10 feet off the bottom.

Seems lots of fish were going down the outside of the island ...... compared to other years it seems very few were travelling down the inside.


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The only time we had a really slow time at Duval was because of the killer whales coming through , all the other days was pretty good action, sure it had its slow moments but for the most part it was good.. I really wish i could move up there we have been trying pretty hard. My wifes parents live in Port Mcniell but having a hard time finding work up there
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