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Finally got back to the island a couple of days ago with little sleep my father in law was dragging me out of bed excited to head out to Duval point.

It has been slow the past couple of days but today was starting to pick up - I spoke to the creel surveyor and lots of coho and springs were landed today

We get there and for fun I do a quick boat count and counted 46 boats out there trolling around waiting for the big spring to latch on the helpless anchovy.

We set up the downriggers to 45 and 60 feet down and action was quick and both rods were bouncing with fish on the end, mine comesoff, and his has a nice little pink ... In the cooler that went.... the action was quick and gone, with little action the rest of the day.... we fished from 5 am till 4 pm - without going through a long drawn out report i hooked 3 under sized springs a few pinks and lost a nice coho at the boat, pretty much goes for my father in law but he had a big spring saw it at the boat had to be close to 30 pounds but it went for one long run and snapped the leader on us...

was a fun day for sure, we came in stopped at the store and stocked back up on anchovies for our next outing tomorrow morning

Here is a few pics - Here is a nice little undersized chrome spring we got in the afternoon

Here is a really nice fresh Pink - This thing tasted really good for being a pink

Scenery Pics !!! - this water is so clean and clear you can see the big springs coming up when your fighting them from about 10-15 ft down - VERY COOL !!!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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