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chumsalot said:
Well ..... I ... would .... like ... to ... tell ... you ... how ... the ... fishing ... was ... this ... weekend ... but ... you ... probably ... figured ... it ... out ... already. SLOW.
If you enjoy light tackle pink fishing, you would have fun at Duval Pt. Friday we almost were blown off the water but hid at Duval. Lots of humpies and one small spring. Saturday was flat calm. Limit of chicken at Pine Island but took all day. Sunday was also flat calm. Drowned anchovies at Edmund Rock for hours that produced one spring that spat the hook at the boat. Only saw one other boat with the net out. Other boats rumored to do well at Rivers Inlet but cannot confirm. Besides, thats one hell of a run.
Hopefully nest time is more productive.

Slow is still better than SKUNKED
hopefully you'll do better next time :peace:
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