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Just returned to day from Port Hardy where the fishing was nothing short of excellent!!. ;D ;D.Total hrs. fished...16 hrs. and the grand total of "fish to the boat" was 4 chinooks, 22 coho, 8 pinks, 6 halibut, 4 BIG rockcod, 2 flounders, a sea bass, and one very angry diving bird who apparently took a liking to my brothers anchovy.....Gave him a nasty bite on the hand when we tried to release....
Lots of big coho and they were chasing everything that moved, especially in the early morning. Hooked 2 fish trailing a bucktail behind the boat!....Very few pinks in the area for this time of the year and although we did target sockeye for a few hrs., we hit nothing but another couple of jack coho's and a small jack spring.
Weather was perfect. Overcast, cloudy a few showers and warm.......Many seals, sealions, and whales in the area as well.................Sad to have to go to work tomorrow :'(.....Ortho 8)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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