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Port Mann bridge launch for pinks

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Was thinking of launching my boat under the Port Mann and going out in search of some pinks. Any suggestions? I know people fish the mouth of the Coquitlam river for Coho, would this be a viable option? Any suggestions where to go from that launch would be much appreciated.

What is producing fish? incoming or outgoing tide?

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Low slack has been the best for me. A friend lives in Coquitlam and he has been down at the mouth of the coquitlam river every other day and he has not seen any pinks in any great numbers. Maybe the odd one here or there. Stick to the south side of the river ;) .
where do u launch at the portmann?
i live in the area and only have found 2 so far,one on river road just past alex fraser and the one at brownsville pub
There is a boat launch on the Coquitlam side just down from the bridge.
If you launch there ,try fishing the surrey side by the log booms got a few there on tuesday.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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