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Hey all,

I put a deposit on a cabin and spot at the marina in Telegraph Cove a few days ago. My neighbor however, just told me that I could stay with one of his friends who runs a hotel in Port McNeil. For some odd reason, I thought that fishing Port McNeil was more difficult because the water tended to be choppier. Why am I thinking this? Did someone ever mention this on this forum??

Anyways, would love to get your info. Never been to neither and they are only a 23 minute drive from one another (according to mapquest). So I cant imagine there is a HUGE difference in the fishing...or is there?????!?!?!

If I were to stay in McNeil, Id basically forfeit my deposit of $185.

Any advice?


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It's the same migrating fish you'll be targeting and since you don't know either spot it makes little difference.

Weather wise there are a few more places to hide in a stiff wind if you launch out of Telegraph, a few but not many.

Have you bought that GPS yet?

If the fog rolls in you'll need it-I know :wallbash:
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