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Port Renfrew

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Just got back home from 4 days of fishing at Port Renfrew. What a disapppointment as compared to last 3 years at the same time. Two of us only caught 5 springs (17 - 22lbs) over those 4 days. Last summer, the 2 of us caught 3 - 4 springs per day (25-32 lbs). We were disappointed last year if we did not get our limit for the day. Last year you would only have to wait 10-20 min or so before the next strike but this week we seemed to get one spring in the morning then waited up to 4 hours for the next strike. I talked to some guide boats and they said that this year is not a very good year as they were struggling as well to catch springs. We also did not see many boats around us with any action either. I also talked nearly daily with Butch (he takes hikers across river to start West Coast Trail) and most boats at his wharf ( about 20) had limited luck this week as well. Butch told me that fishing has not been very good this year.

The bite seemed be better in the afternnoon between Camper's creek and Logan, than in the morning. Some of the action in the morning was better overall at East point rather than further up at Campers. The bite also did flucuate daily from one location to another. There was one 48 lb spring brought in the week I was there, yet most caught averaged 20 lbs or so.

We fished anchovy and herring with teaser heads and had luck with both. A fishing guide gave us a few helpful tips that did help: 7 foot leader from flasher to teaser head, a short clip from down rigger to mainline ( 1 - 3 feet ), green/silver flasher, teaser head with green/silver in morning and silver or clear in afternoon, fast trolling speed - 2.4 - 3.0 mph, 34-38 foot downrigger depth. We caught most of our fish in 70-85 feet of water and heading North-West.

I sure hope that fishing improves this week for the rest of you that are heading out there.
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