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Picked up a 12 foot Porta Bote last Saturday down in Port Ludlow...Its about 6 years old, but sat stored in the fellows garage rack and has never been used.Couldn't affor $2400 new but got this one for $775.00..Set it up for a few days and it looks like it will fit the bill.
Bought it as we tow a travel trailer and therefore cannot tow the jetboat as well on our camping and hunting trips...
I also according to the wife have used up all my share of storage space around here so need something the folds up and is out of sight when not used...
Got a new electric for trolling and will take the 6 hp kicker off the big boat if needed for bigger lakes...
Get to test it out this weekend and next week at Kawkawa and Nicola lakes...Hopefully we will get some fish blood on it.. :beerchug:
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