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I believe nedarb2 is correct with his time lines for winter springs there. I used to fish it and always did ok for springs and then may used to be dynamite for bluebacks back when that was kosher. I generally only fish Polier for ground fish now. You could take Rock Cod off the can bouy and this year with Lings being open it was a great summer at the gap. I did try a little for Salmon but just caught lot's of shakers. The thing that really turned me off Salmon fishing at Polier is about 10 years ago the Seals moved in there as thick as thieves and as Seals do everywhere they have adapted and will follow any boat with lines in the water. I have caught several 1/2 Salmons over the years there and I can honestly say that your odds of boating a Salmon is much reduced out there.

My thoughts any how,

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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