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Fishing Report for February 10, 2010

This ice fishing thing could get addicting.

The woods in the winter are a beautiful place to be.
Especially if you have an ice hut with a nice little heater to duck into.
Thanks to Kevin for bringing that along and making my day all that much better.

The fish up at Gwen lake were liking wood worms and mealworms at our holes.
Thanks for hooking me up with wood worms Randy.
We landed 5 in a long afternoon. The other fishers had varying degrees of success as well.

Kentucky gave up some decent fish last week.
Shrimp seemed to be the ticket, along with worms.

Kane Valley lakes continue to give up fish as well.
There are still delicious brookies coming out to enjoy.

It is very definitely still winter up in the hills.
Get out and enjoy our winter wonderland.

P.S. remember that even under the ice, the fish tend to move deeper on brighter days and back into the shallow shoal areas as the light fades. We chased them out and back on Sunday.

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Fred Watts
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