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Prawn rigs for springs

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Anyone use prawn rig setups for springs?? I'm going to give them a try,,just have to find out some more about that type of setup.......They work very well for waters like the mouth of the Vedder etc.....
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Get a hold of 5 Salt Fever by pm...........he's your man Abby'.......Ortho
Hey Abby,

That sounds really interesting ........ we know they feed on herring, needlefish, anchovies, pilchards and shrimp in the ocean. I always thought that when they came into "fresh" water though they did not eat much ..... more concerned with getting to the love nest to make babies.

True they do take a spinning glow but always thought that was done as an anger response.

Hmmmm .... Here's an interesting thought ....... If you were anchored in the mouth of the Vedder there isn't much current ....... use your downriggers and hook up the shrimp (herring, anchovies ...) just as you would in the ocean.

Would be a great battle ......... no weight ....... just you and the fish once it breaks away from the downrigger.

Gonna have to try some diff. setups too ... :)

Thanks, ....... WHAT A NEAT IDEA. :idea:

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I'll try 5 salt...he set me straight withthe big kwik fish which I use on the Harrison for big spring ......
Prawns are a go for Chinook and SOCKEYE(yes biters), but forget the baitfish,or parts of them, as thats only legal for Sturgeon fishing.
Spinners are a popular trolling item at the Vedder mouth, but having fish there to bite em is the key :wink: .
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