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The public comment period is drawing to a close, last day is Aug 31, so you still have a bit of time to get letters in.

Here is the SSBC letter: http://www.steelheadsociety.org/news/letter-joint-review-panel-reenbridge-northern-gateway-project

...some of the source links changed recently (again); here are the updated ones:

1. http://ercb.ca/reports/r2007-A.pdf

3. http://msdssearch.dow.com/Published...fety/pdfs/noreg/233-00833.pdf&fromPage=GetDoc

8. http://ercb.ca/reports/r2007-A.pdf

If you don't feel like composing your own letter, copy the SSBC letter and send it in, the 5 minutes of your time could help make a difference
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