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Billy-I don't FF at all but have done a bunch of inshore in many tropical places.

Early, late, low light is best.

Any point of land, rocks, dark patches in the water are where you want to concentrate, if you can try snorkeling the area the day before this isn't cheating it's recognisance. :thumbup:

Start with something 3"-4" long and go from there.

The DR is a place where people kill everything every. single. thing.

OTOH-Don't believe people who tell you 'there's nothing to catch' the Dominicans I've met have little idea what is/isn't in the water and they're mostly meat eaters like Cubans funny for an island in the Caribbean but it's true.

Bring along some fine wire, a knife and pliers too.

A big game trip offshore in Jan is a poor idea it's the wrong season winter brings cold water to Mona Passage and you'll get taken for a rough boat ride and little else.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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