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I was up in Courtney for the evening and had an hour before meeting my buddy for dinner so I tried fishing at the wooden bridge at the end of Cliff. Before I made my first cast this year river fishing, I hooked into a 20lb spring... well it was before it started swimming upside down and had grown a layer of mold. I did not have any luck - locked my keys in my car too - but there were some good looking spring still swim around, chum starting to come, two young guys has a couple chrom coho and fishers were shoulder to shoulder (but it did seem they were in a better mood than on the Mainland). A few fish were caugh in the less than an hour I was there.
Certainly a nice river to have running thourgh or close to your back yard.
I think I'll try it again next week just for the hell of it but this time hit at day break, hopefully, on a day with crap weather so not so many are there.
Have fun, Jason
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